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Thanks for the post from Al Mills

My favorite real estate themed show is Design To Sell; in this show designers and contractors help homeowners improve their homes appearance. The show assists people who have been trying to sell their home for quite awhile. Often the homeowners are in a desperate need to sell and the show helps them accomplish this.

The show brings in a real estate agent to evaluate the home and help the designer choose what needs to be improved for the home to sell. The current homeowners usually get defensive when they hear their home needs improvement, but they always enjoy the end result.

Homeowners often need assistance in painting their home a color that appeals to more buyers and many of them need help in placing furniture and removing their personal items. Sometimes the show will make larger improvements such as replacing kitchen countertops or redoing a bathroom.

My favorite part of the show is the end result, seeing the home look so much better. It also gives me ideas on how to improve my own home and accomplishing these improvements in a short period of time. It does not have to take weeks to improve ones home it can be done in a weekend.

I always watch Design To Sell on my satellite TV from; I would not have access to this show without my satellite.

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