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If you are struggling in debt and are seeking a company to help you become debt free, you should first visit the website that discusses about the scams that you need to avoid. Every time people are in need of a service, there is always someone else trying to scam them. If you come across any credit card consolidation scams, you should report them immediately. Many companies tries to charge you up front fees to help you with your credit, but that is illegal. That is a violation of the new FTC rule that states no agency can charge upfront fees until the business has actually negotiated with a creditor to help consumers lower they payments. The credit card debt relief obama program will help you become debt free without being scammed. You need to read all about these scams before deciding to allow a company to handle your debt issues. You will know a legitimate consolidation company because they will bend over backwards to educate you and to help you manage your debt. So what are you waiting for? If you need information about credit card scams and debt scams, you need to read these websites. They will surely enlighten you.

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