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Guest post written by Bob Sangre

I was walking around in Chapel Hill yesterday, where my wife and I have lived for over 35 years, when I saw something I’d never seen before. Right on the corner of our street, there’s this beautiful arboretum full of gorgeous trees and flowers–belonging to the university nearby. As I was passing by on the way to my house, I looked in to the arboretum and saw an owl perched atop one of the oldest trees in the place! I was utterly shocked since owls are typically nocturnal, so it’s rare to spot one in the daytime. A very cool experience.

Ever since Enid and I retired, we’ve been able to take these kinds of nature walks more frequently. I’m becoming a bit of an ornithologist, if I do say so myself! When I was working, I never really took the time to look and listen closely to the birds in the area, which is really a shame since Chapel Hill is full of beautiful wildlife. Thanks to my new hobby, I was even inspired to go on the web to search for HearingAids.Miracle-Ear to enhance my walks, since my hearing isn’t quite what it used to be.

I’m going back out tomorrow–same path. Wonder what I’ll see?

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