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Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

Right now, the kids’ playroom is kind of a disaster. It just looks like a jumble of different things without any type of rhyme or reason. I got so frustrated about it the other day that I used the DIRECTV CLEAR bundle offer to get a few new ideas about what I could do in there to give it a little life.

The first idea was just to repaint because of the drastic change it would create. I picked out a really bright yellow. it doesn’t quite look like the color of a lemon, but it is pretty close. The room already looks better. It has a clean and fresh look to it and I am already inspired to keep going. This weekend, I am hoping to reorganize all of the toys and get rid of the items that kids don’t play with any more. That way, I can organzie what they have and purchase special bins for each category.

I also loved the idea of setting up an art center in one part of the room. That way, they always know where to go when they want to paint or color. I already had the furniture, so I just moved it around a little bit. I’m considering painting it while and letting the kids use paint to put their finger and handprints all over it.


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