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It’s another fun Thursday once again! It’s Nostalgia time! Thanks to sis Rose for creating this nostalgic meme. Anyhow, here’s my entry for this week.

These are my group from my Ecology class 3rd year college. Part of our group project is to visit a local cemetery. Pretty weird eh?! Each of us was assigned to tally the numbers of how many people died on that particular year. The cemetery was huge, and  I think we didn’t finish counting all the graveyards. So we all agreed to doctor-doctor the paper…nyahahah!

Photos were taken at Cagayan de Oro Gardens. It’s a cemetery for rich people…ehehhehe!

It was a scorching day at that time! So my friends and I decided to chill out at my dorm. We always had fun together. We were trying to imitate the “Charles Angels”…lol!

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