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It’s another fun Thursday once again! It’s Nostalgia time. Yipeede yipeedeyo! Thanks to sis Rose for creating this nostalgic meme. So here’s my share for this week. Meet one of my college best friends. I have 4 best friends when I was in college and she is one of them. She is getting married this month! Congratulations atech!

Her name is Gerlyn. She works at the bank as a bookkeeper for almost 6 years now. Among 5 of us she’s the first one who got a job right after college. I miss her a lot! Too bad I can’t be on her wedding day.

These photos were taken during our visit to Camiguin Island. We took a weekend trip a week after our graduation. Five of us should go together, but three of them didn’t make it. So we ended up going by ourselves…lol! A Few months after our trip, I came back to Camiguin island with Greg. Camiguin Island is very close to my heart. How I wish to go back there someday.

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15 Responses to “Nostalgia”

  • Anliz says:

    hi Dhemz, oo nga, minsan nakakalungkot if you can’t be with your bestfriend on her very special day, but sometimes, we just have to deal with it lalo kung distance is the culprit..

    aka Mommy Liz

  • Rose says:

    Pagbalik mo sa Camiguin, sama mo ko ha hehehe. Congratulations to Gerlyn and her hubs!

    Yipeede yipeedeyo!.. naalala ko tuloy kagabi while nagtutupi kami ng clothes ni rye, we were also watching sponge bob and di ba yung squirrel dun na si sandy ang naalala ni Rye is si Akesh hehehe. Sabi nya “Mom, I will call Akesha the Texas girl” lol..

  • Jenn says:

    Best wishes to Gerlyn on the next chapter of her life.

    Camiguin… how I pray I could set foot there, too.

    My Nostalgia post is now up HERE. Happy mid-week!

  • Clarissa says:

    Ang balita ko maganda daw sa Camiguin Island–ako rin pasama!!\(^0^)/

    Extend my congratulations to your bestfriend^_^

  • imriz says:

    namiz ko tuloy mga BFFs ko in college, haha. it’s good to reminisce our youth. so many memories, feeling bata uli:)

  • vernz says:

    awwwww…. wish ko din makapunta ka.. hehehe… bitaw nindot sa Camiguin … single pa pud ko nakaadto diri .. field trip ..pero tung naminyo nako sus … wa na jud,lol…

  • Limberella says:

    wow..i love these pics..friendship doesn’t end despite distance. why where is Gerlyn right now? too bad you’ll miss her wedding but I know that she knows how happy you are for her..=)

  • shydub says:

    I love camiguin bayot, been there twice or three times already. I wish I can go back to that place, pero kapoyan ko sa bus trip. Congrates to your best friend tsang, ka nice sa iya work no always pretty ky bank mn.

  • Rose says:

    hello sis hehehe, nagpapacute..

  • Lulu says:

    hands up din ako… i wanna go there too… that is after we meet up in outer banks wahahahah ambisyosang lola!

    unsa ba nga very early man inyong mga entries oi… late man ko as usual

  • mona says:

    maraming nagsasabi maganda raw sa camiguin hope one day i can visit the place, regards Mona here

  • Rose says:

    nangungulit ulit hahaha, ako ata pinakamakulit sa blogland lol..

  • fe says:

    yah, agree pud ko, nice jud kaau ang camiguin, love the place too.

  • mel cole says:

    Tubong Camiguin ka Dhemz? Ala pa ko ka-bisita anang Camiguin. Mao japun imong nawong karon ani nga pic sa? hehehe, Best wishes to your best friend. Oissst! I got your keychain already! Muchas Gracias kaayo baje! I liked your lip gloss too. hehehe

  • trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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