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Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Hiking is my favorite thing to do. Anybody who has ever lived anywhere knows that there is nothing better then hiking for people who wish to explore the world around them. This is great for people who don’t work outside of home, or who do not like the rigors involved in running, jogging, or going to the gym. Hiking works well with dieting as well because it promoted a healthy lifestyle and boosts the metabolism.

I have enjoyed going hiking since as far back as I can remember. Eagle River is a great place o hike because there are countless large hills and expanses of forest to travel through, as well as rivers and lakes to cross over. This makes an excellent trip for anybody who wishes to escape the burden of daily life in the crowded and busy cities and towns.

I simply set my home security system and leave my house knowing that it is safe and nobody will steal or break in, security for the home is important. Safety is always something that is of great importance when travelling outside, and it doesn’t stop once I leave the home. I bring my huge dog with me because it will warn me of anything approaching that my human senses cannot see. This is great for overnight as well because hiking far out can sometimes result in the need to stay the night outside.

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