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Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

Going to the movies is something I really enjoy doing, especially on the weekends. This is when my fiancee doesn’t have work and we can enjoy our weekend without any interruptions. New movies usually come out on Fridays at our local theater, so we can choose from the latest movies. We hardly ever go to the movies the day the movie comes out since there is almost always a long line. When we go on Saturday or Sunday, the line is a little shorter and the theater is not as crowded. It is easier to enjoy a movie when less people are around. My fiancee and I typically watch action or comedy movies at the theater and will occasionally watch a romantic comedy. Whichever movie looks really good in the previews is usually the movie we will go see. There will be times when we can’t decide which movie to see, so we will watch one on Saturday and then another one on Sunday. This way, we get to see both of them! We always leave our house at least two hours early, set our home security alarm (check your local Adt dealer), and head to the movie to make the front of the line. We like to be able to choose from any seat before everyone else enters the theater. This helps avoid not being able to see over someone’s head.

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