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Guest post written by Gus Stevens

I don’t really feel at home in a place until I’ve found my favorite new neighborhood bar. I’ve lived in apartments all throughout New York City over the past few decades and finding a bar has been one of the top reasons why I pick which apartments I pick.

When I moved into my new place I decided to check it out and sign up for a different Internet service and then used it to search for bars nearby and see how it ranked on different customer rating websites.

I also asked on Facebook and Twitter for any recommendations near where my apartment is and got a few responses. One of my friends who has about the same taste as me when it comes to drinking recommended this pub. I thought that it looked pretty cool and simple. So I tried it out and have been going to it quite a bit.

I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be my go-to bar but I have it is a big contender.

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