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Guest post from: Natalie Walter

My little girl is seven years old. Every Saturday we get all of our stuff together, set the free alarm, and head to the soccer field. We play in the spring and fall both so we are there a lot. I love watching her play. She is honestly starting to get really good at it. She tries so hard and kicks the ball. Only four girls play at a time at her age, but soon we will have more on the field. She is slowly learning the rules. They do not play with a goalie yet, but by next year they will add that to the field. It is interesting watching her learn to play. I can’t wait until our two year old can play as well. I am excited that she is already trying to kick the ball around with her sister. She wants to play and gets mad when she can’t go out on the field. It is adorable to watch her. I am excited to see her start playing in just a few years from now. Our family loves a day at the soccer field!

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