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Guest post written by Mildred Black

I’ve gone to Walt Disney World several times throughout my life. I don’t go every year but I’d say I’ve gone at least eight or nine times total.

However, it had been several years since I had gone before my latest trip and this time I was going with a group of other retirees. I was afraid that some of our activities and rides we would be able to ride would be a little limited because of our ages. But one thing that I definitely didn’t want to miss out on was 3-D shows in air-conditioned buildings. I’ve always made a point of going to those types of attractions at reasonable intervals throughout the day to help prevent overheating.

I wanted to make sure that I would enjoy those even more looking up hearing aids prices so I could hear everything from the shows well. I got fitted with some hearing aids a few weeks before our trip so I could adjust to them properly.

It seemed that I did and enjoyed even more sounds than I had in years past like those of the ghouls in The Haunted Mansion, my favorite Walt Disney World ride.

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