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Guest post written by Michelle Nealon

A great deal of my entertaining is done in my kitchen because my living room is so small. So I like to keep my most-used room looking in top shape. This means storing all my unattractive cooking utensils away while hanging my copper pots and pans above the stove and matching all my tea towels and oven mitts.

But because the room gets used so much, it requires a little more attention and upkeep. After a nice bonus at work, I decided to treat myself by getting a kitchen remodel. I contacted my local sears home improvement and some representatives helped figure out exactly what I wanted to change in the room. I settled on an island and resurfaced cabinets to make for better leaning surfaces, which have really made me kitchen that much more attractive and appealing – not that it was bad looking in the first place – but this has really made a huge difference.

A few days after it was completed, I entertained a few friends there and received lots of compliments on the new look.

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