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Guest post written by Chance Palmer

So I know that a new episode of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” doesn’t come on TV every day but I really wish that it did. Most nights Jon Stewart and his band of comedians are the perfect fix for a tough day and even alert me to real news stories that I may have missed during my time at the office.

As much as the show’s credits would hate to admit, there are so many young people that watch the show and get more interested in current events and politics as a result. The gags and jokes are sometimes downright dumb, but Stewart and performers like Lewis Black and Rob Riggle know that and play off of it. Most nights when I watch it I keep my laptop nearby and look up relevant news stories with my satellite internet in Illinois. I also like to use my satellite internet packages to look up funny stand up videos of the contributors and information about guests who have written political books or are famous movie stars.

I really hope that Stewart sticks with the show for much longer because I can’t imagine it going on without him.

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