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Guest Post by Holden Martin

My, hands down, favorite sport to watch on TV this time of year is tennis.

Especially this season in men’s tennis, there is so much can’t miss action that it’s hard not to be glued to the television. The current tournament is Wimbledon, the most prestigious of all the tournaments and you are surely not going to want to miss a game. With the comeback of Nadal, the constant elegance of Federer and players like Djokovic, Murray, and Soderling to make it interesting. Not to mention, that with some cable tv providers, you can watch up to six matches at once.

One of the most enticing things to me about tennis is that it’s not a contact sport. So there are no personal fouls or shoving matches that occur on the court. No one is going to steal the ball right from under you; you have a lot more control over how you respond to your opponent’s tactics. Tennis is also a big mind game, and when the players are strong and confident the game turns to greatness.

Another reason Tennis is one of my favorite sports to watch is because it can be so unpredictable. So just because a player is 146th in the world and he is going up against Roger Federer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch.

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