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Guest written by our friend Jamie Gross

It’s that time of year again. Time for the teachers to return their children to their rightful owners. Time for Moms and Dads everywhere to once again parent 24/7.

Once again, your children’s safety falls solely on you. Are you ready for this?

On your list of must haves for this summer, band-aids will be right at the top. Because there isn’t a day that goes by with an active kid that you don’t need one. Whether they are playing outside in the driveway or whether they’re in their bedroom jumping off the bunkbed, you’re GOING to need a band-aid. Scratch that. Band-aids. Plural.

You may run out. And if you have a teenaged child at home, you might actually leave them in charge while you run down to the corner store.

If you are going to leave your children at home unattended, PLEASE do not do so without turning on your home security alarm. If you don’t already have one, click hereto see the one I got. Your children are your most precious commodity. It’s such an important part of summer safety and one that we sometimes forget.

So obviously, it’s smart to be stocked up on your band-aids. But if you DO have to leave to get more, just remember, TURN ON THAT ALARM.

And buy an extra box or two. You know you’re going to need them!

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