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It’s Mommy & Me Monday once again! Thanks to Krystyn for hosting this awesome meme.

Photo was taken last Saturday at my SIL’s house. We had a pool party!!! My SIL threw a going away party for us, and most of the family came to say “Bye” to us.

It was fun! Akesha and hubby had a blast swimming. I was supposed to go swimming, but I have my TOM….lol!

Mommy and Me Monday at   Really, Are You Serious?

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10 Responses to “Mommy & Me Monday”

  • Krystyn says:

    What a beautiful outdoor setting..glad you had such a nice party.

  • Love your sundress sis, wish nakatwo piece ka rin lol.

    Okay lang yan sis na di ka muna magbloghop, I know how hord and stressful it is to move. Taka nga talaga ako why di ako makalogin sayo, kahit this morning di pa rin. Change mo na siguro yung pw, may opps kasi kanina, nacheck mo na ba?

    I am on break with my session with Rye, resume na klase namin after the bible study nya last week. My men are both in bed, they are so sick. Huhuhu, need to make some soup for them.

    O sya sis, quick dalaw lang muna to habang kumakain ng snack yung studyante ko hehehe.. \

    Thanks nga pala sis for the prize, received it today, love the key chain, ano yung isa, pang nail something ba un hehehe,. Abno ang manang mo kaya alang alam lol.

    Mwah, kelan ulit alis nyo?

  • Lulu says:

    asa man imo 2pc mami? like your sandals…. waaa bye CA na jud

  • shydub says:

    Wow, dili na gyud mo mapugngan tsang adto na gyud mo texas. ka nice sa sandal sa mama uy. dako na si akesha tsang no.

  • Annette Fay says:

    These are precious mom/daughter pics. Pool parties are always fun this time of year. I suppose this one was extra special since it was a going away party for you…Best wishes to you on your future move. Happy Monday!

  • Adin says:

    Beautiful mommy and little Akesha! These are beautiful photos, mommy Dhemz! How’s the moving going? πŸ™‚ Texas diay mo ani balhin mommy? πŸ™‚ Well, take care you guys!

  • darcie says:

    GREAT photos!
    Good luck with the move!

  • mel cole says:

    Bitaw oi, kanindot sa imong photos dhemz. Mangaligo ta mi sa inflatable pool nga napalit nako sa community sale the other week. Na-busy lagi pud ko aning blogging bah.

  • girly skull says:

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