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Guest post by Sean Maddux

Perhaps there is no other international sporting ever that is more popular than the World Cup. Watching days of intense soccer games is something enjoyed by people all around the world. When the time for the World Cup comes around, I am always sure to host parties at my home with my Satellite TV, that I just recently purchased after seeing several Florida direct tv specials. We all gather around the TV and watch the games in anticipation, hoping that our favorite teams will win.

I must admit that I am not devoted to any single team when it is World Cup time. I love a few of them. My favorites are the U.S., Italy, and Brazil. Some of my friends that love Spain always argue with me about which teams are the best in the World Cup. It is a fierce debate that I look forward to every single year!

Why is watching World Cup games so much fun? I think there are many reasons. I think many people simply like the time to enjoy a sport that takes place on an international scale. It is almost like a universal bonding experience, when one is watching a World Cup game. While one watches the game from a living room in the U.S., another person is probably watching that same game in Spain, Africa, or England!

I love watching World Cup games and hope you get a chance to watch some of the games this year!

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