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Guest post written by Linda Presley

The only thing I don’t like about cruises is that sometimes you’re assigned to tables with strangers. There’s nothing more awkward than being confined to strangers’ company, especially when you’re on vacation.

On the last cruise we went on to Alaska, my husband and I were unlucky in that we were stuck with another older couple. But the woman was so hard of hearing that we were forced into hearing everything in their conversation, so we just decided to butt into it anyway since there was no chance of having our own.

But the worst part was that both the man and the woman were so nice that I felt embarrassed for them. Finally I got up the courage and suggested that the woman considering getting a miracle ear hearing test. I braced myself for a bad reaction, but the woman asked me more about it and I told her that my husband and I had the same problem until we went and got hearing aids.

We ended up spending more time with them on the trip and have exchanged e-mails since then. It ends up they took the advice and both have hearing aids now. We’re even thinking about going on another cruise together.

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