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I am taking this opportunity right now before my internet connection get disconnected…lol! Here’s my Nostalgia entry for this week.

It was 6 years ago when I graduated from college and got my degree in Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting at Liceo de Cagayan University. It was an uplifting moment. What a relief! At that time I don’t have any idea what journey I’m heading….until I found myself working at a government office in our town. I was an accounting clerk for 10 months… and after that I moved here in the US of A to settle down and build a  family with my loving husband. It was year of 2004 where I accomplished the 3 significant events of my life.
1. March, 2004 – Graduated from College
2. June, 2004 – Got a job
3. December, 2004 – Got married

Isn’t that weird? hehhehe….:) Indeed…life is very interesting! For more inspiring and interesting Nostalgic stories or would like to join us, just hop on and click the button above.

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