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This post is from guest blogger Jonah Weinhoffen.

My favorite spring sport to watch is none other than baseball. After moving to Indiana a few months ago, I signed up for satellite tv service in Fort Wayne. My earliest memories are of watching baseball on television and then I would try to emulate them. I was a huge fan of Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken Jr., and Pete Rose. As I grew older, I became better at baseballand eventually was able to play on high school championship teams and also win state championships in league ball. I just love baseball.

I love the action and the strategy behind baseball. It is one of the most unpredictable sports there are. Teams these days all have good players and pitchers who can throw 100 miles an hour. The talent pool in baseball these days far outweighs the players of 20 or 30 years ago. Baseball is without a doubt the king of all spring sports. When spring rolls around, the very first sport that comes to mind is none other than America’s pastime, baseball.

I Love Baseball
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