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Guest post written by Karen Godfrey

With our new home being in a bigger city, I was a bit scared. My husband is at work at night so we had to find a way to make the house feel safe. My husband started out by researching different things we could do for our home. We ended up being a home security alarm system from ADT in Atlanta. I was very excited to have this in our home. It even had video cameras on it. This way if someone does something outside we can see who did it. I just feel better knowing that it is there. I have to admit I have accidentally set it off a few times.

We also purchased a special lock for our front door. It is basically just a deadbolt, but I feel better knowing our door is not easy to kick in and come into our home. Our house feels a lot safer to me this way. I am not afraid being at home by myself now. I know that if someone tries to get into our home it will not be easy. Hopefully the alarm will scare them away if they do get in at all. If not, the police will be on their way to help. It is great to feel safe in your own home.

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