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This is a guest post by Tally Nethers

When it comes time for my teenagers to have birthdays the first place I hit is Hot Topic on the Internet. The website is easy to navigate and they tend to have a ton of clothing and shoes at very low prices. I use my satellite internet to surf the web, which makes shopping easier because it is so much faster. The clothing is the first section I go to and because I have a girl and boys I leave the icon with both highlighted.

I almost never go to anything but the clearance section at Hot Topic and I start looking in November for items that would be good for Christmas and all of the spring birthdays in my family. Clothing is usually the first thing on my daughter’s wish list so I go through and look for any shirts or skinny jeans that she would like. While I am at it I keep in mind that my two teen sons always need clothes, so anything that will fit them I put in the basket.

Shoes are a great buy when I find the right sizes in the clearance section. I always get brand names for an extremely low price. I purchased four pair of shoes for the same price as I would have spent on one pair at a discount store. With my oldest son growing so fast, it is nice to know that I can stay within my budget and purchase top of the line shoes for him, whenever he needs them.

The best thing about shopping online at Hot Topic, is that they have more of a selection than one of the stores at the mall. The speed and convenience of getting all of my shopping done at home is something that offers us a more relaxing quality of life.

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