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If you claim that you don’t like potatoes, maybe you need to give them another chance. If you’ve only eaten one type or have been using the wrong types for the wrong recipes, it’s easy to see that your experience with them can be improved.
Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods, transitioning from breakfast to dinner and going from dressed up and roasted to cheesy casseroles. Whatever spices pique your taste, there’s a potato to go with them, taking your taste buds to a whole new level. But what are the most commonly used potatoes?
Idaho Russet
When you think of potatoes, Russets are likely what you’re picturing. Russets are grown in many states, but bona fide Idaho Russets come straight from, you guessed it, Idaho. These starchy potatoes are ideal for baked potatoes and creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes.
If you’re excited to make your own French fries, you can grab a sack of Russets or Katahdin potatoes, which are a related starchy variety that is the go-to for delicious fries.
Red Potato
Red potatoes are known as waxy or low starch. They are perfect for dishes where you don’t want your potatoes to lose their shape. Things like soup, potato salad, and hashbrowns should be your top picks with this one. Any casserole you want to add them to–scalloped, au gratin, or funeral potatoes–they can soak in the sauces and cheese without falling to mush.
You’ll probably love boiling, roasting, or grilling these potatoes, and some near perfect alternatives to pick up would be new potatoes or fingerling potatoes.
Yukon Gold
The Yukon Gold is a delicious, buttery potato that is pretty all-purpose. If you want mashed potatoes, Yukons will do it. If you want potato salad, Yukons will do that, too. Some similar all-purpose beauties would be white and yellow potatoes.
So if you haven’t decided what type of healthy potatoes to add to the meal plan for dinner, pick up a bag of these on the way home. You can let any of your dish ideas find fruition with these.
Bonus Spuds
You can get through life pretty well keeping to these three potatoes, but if you like to explore new foods and find out which potato is the best in that one special recipe, consider some of these other, less common potatoes.
If you haven’t yet seen a purple potato, give yourself an excuse to by serving them at Sunday dinner. They are also a nice all-purpose potato, doing well boiled or mashed. They don’t, however, make the best fries, so stick to the Katahdin on those. There are also blue potatoes and the Peruvian purple to check out.
Sweet potatoes seem always to be mentioned with the clarification that they are a separate tuber variety from potatoes, despite their name. They’ve picked up the reputation of being a healthy alternative to white potatoes. Whether you’re making sweet potato pie or sweet potato fries, they’re still delicious and versatile, no matter how they’re classified.

Things everyone will be doing and what you should do instead

Summer is so close you can almost taste it, and that means summer holidays and weekends are nearly upon us and, if you’re lucky enough to have a few days off, you’re excited for those extra days to relax. But that’s not usually how it goes. You’ll feel obligated to go out and do something or see something, and you’ll regret it when you arrive at a location layered with people.

Don’t kid yourself and wait until the last second. Have some backup ideas ready early on so you can avoid the crowds. Remember that the masses can be predictable, so here are four things you know everyone else will be doing and four things you should do instead.

Everyone is Camping

People love a getaway. Wouldn’t it be lovely to head into the mountains, away from the people and the noise and the problems? Well, stop right there because all those noisy people will be hiding out in the same campground. Unless you have private land dividing you from the city folk in the forest, pick a less popular time than a holiday weekend to pitch your tent.

You Should Hike

On a long weekend, the people staying in town tend to gravitate toward restaurants, bars, and other manmade establishments. The middle ground where you can escape them is by going on a nearby hike. And because the nature of hiking is to keep moving, if you run into another group or two doing the same, you’ll be out of each other’s hair quickly.

Everyone is Catching a Movie

An extra day at the weekend means a rush to the theater box office. This is especially hectic when a holiday weekend coincides with the release of a blockbuster. There’s no way to avoid a peak time because the entire day is pretty much a steady flow of movie-goers.

You Should Have a Backyard BBQ

Run by the grocery store for your favorite burgers, chips, and other grilled favorites. While everyone is fighting over popcorn and rolling their eyes at the one person who can’t stop talking mid-film, you can hang out in your backyard with family and friends soaking up the sun. And if you’re in the mood for a film, Netflix is bound to have something you can stream from the couch.

Everyone is Hitting the Amusement Park

Who wouldn’t love a full day hopping from ride to ride, eating fair food, and laughing with their friends? Exactly. The place will be packed and the lines will be monstrously long. Halfway through the day, you’ll realize how frustrated you are with the slow walkers.

You Should Get Out Early

Nearly anything that will be packed the rest of the day will be a ghost town first thing in the morning. If your heart is really set on riding that rollercoaster eleven times in a row, plan to be the first one at the park. When the crowds show up for their tickets, you and your friends will have already hit the spots on your wishlist.

Everyone is Crawling the Park

If the public school has a Monday off, you can guarantee families will be strewn out across every inch of grass in the park. You’ll have to navigate the altered flight paths of frisbees, forgotten flip-flops, and even a mother cradling a child’s broken arm as they head to the family doctor. The park is a war zone, and it doesn’t need any more casualties.

You Should Visit Locals’ Favorite Hotspots

Avoid everyone’s family drama by searching out the locals’ favorite spots outside of the city. Because they’re less well-known, you won’t have to worry so much about fighting the crowds. And the locals’ secret destinations have some of the best views.