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Each Halloween offers new laughs, scares, and spooky smiles as people of all ages enjoy the festivities. The team of Farmington dentists at Desert Hills Dental Care put together a list of spooky smiles that you may see this Halloween.
Vampires have been said to have the ability to turn into bats, not cast a shadow, and are repelled by sunlight. Although most stories and rumors of vampires are folklore, you just might see one on your street this Halloween!
Jack-O-Lanterns may be seen from house to house, and this tradition can be attributed to the Irish. Adopted by America, the idea is to carve the pumpkin and place an ember inside to ward off evil spirits.
Clowns have been around for thousands of years, dating back to 1818 B.C. Also known as jesters, entertainment is the name of their game, and with all those fun colors, you’ll be sure to smile!
Based on the Celtic festival of Samhain, ghosts and skeletons are said to be seen as the realms life and death are blurred, which allows the living to see the dead. Spooky right?
Pirates have been documented all the way back to the 14th century B.C. With so many stories of pirates, many of us have found awe in their culture and love to emulate their appearance during the Halloween holiday.
Our best bet, is you will probably see a handful of these spooky smiles this Halloween. Whether spooky or otherwise, we love to see smiles, and encourage all to smile more!

We hear more about romantic love than any other type of love. However, before we can ever experience romantic love or any other type of love, we must first experience self-love. Self-love is the ability to love ourselves unconditionally. Once we learn this skill we are able to approach our lives in a much healthier way. There are many benefits to self-love that are available to anyone who practices it. In fact, there are two that form a healthy foundation for our lives.

Self-love helps us feel comfortable in our own skin. It doesn’t mean that you embrace everything that’s wrong with you. It means that you accept your flaws and you’re willing to work on them. You don’t disown yourself because of your shortcomings. Your self-esteem doesn’t decrease because you don’t have some skill or physical or mental attribute. You simply accept yourself and do the work needed to be the best that you can be. Self-acceptance is not an exact science that you’ll need to study in a book or journal like the journal of implantology. It’s an intuitive natural relationship that we should seek and develop with ourselves.

Building a Friendship Within
Self-love helps us to foster a healthy friendship with ourselves. We begin to understand that we must be there for ourselves. As a result, we start to look for different ways to develop this intimate friendship. When we can learn to stand by ourselves we develop a certain amount of personal integrity. This personal integrity gives us the strength to look within and trust ourselves. As a result, the love we have for ourselves deepens.

Self-love Makes Us Less Critical of Others
When you love yourself you’re less critical of other people. You understand that you’re not perfect but you’ve learned to love yourself despite your imperfections. When you start with yourself, it helps you to be more tolerant, patient, and forgiving of others. When we love ourselves, we have an internal source to love others with. We learn to look past people’s faults.

Once you’ve mastered the fine art of loving yourself, you position yourself for healthy relationships. Self-love is the cornerstone that all other forms of love flow from. We can’t truly love anybody else until we love ourselves. Learn to love yourself. Once you’ve accomplished this, you will have a well of resources to love others. However, learn to love yourself first.