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The pallet trend is still alive and well in 2018. With tons of options for home décor, furniture, and even pet homes, reclaimed pallets provide us with a great resource for many diverse projects. All you need to do is open up that creative mind and let your imagination take over. Maybe we can help you get started.
Challenger Pallet, a company that delivers, designs, and manufacturers wood pallets Colorado businesses love, has partnered with us to provide you some unique ideas for things that you can do with reclaimed wood pallets this year.
1. Baby Gate
Do you have a small child who likes to roam? Maybe you need a rustic looking baby gate to keep them from wandering into places they shouldn’t be. All you need to do is cut it to the right dimensions, sand it down, add a non-toxic protective coat to it and then put it together with hinges and a lock.
2. Pet Bed
Tired of your pet sneaking into your bed after you fall asleep? Make them a bed that is all their own. Use this cute idea as inspiration for your next pet project. We know some vets in Idaho Falls who are all for creating a more comfortable environment for your pets.
Diy Pallet Dog Beds
3. Pathways
Have you started planning a new landscape design for your yard this year? Maybe consider adding in a pathway made from the wooden boards of reclaimed pallets. Create that rustic feel that you have been waiting for with your home.
4. Wall Décor
Create some beautiful wall art this year with pallets. Check out this sweet monogram posted on Instagram by ourhouseofthree. There are endless possibilities with wall art made from pallets. Just to a quick search on Pinterest for some more amazing ideas.

Sometimes the winter months seem to drag on forever, especially when you’re stuck inside with a toddler all day every day. What do you to keep them entertained and yourself sane? We have an answer for that.

A Rigby preschool put together this super fun list of science experiments that you can try with your toddler from the comfort of your own kitchen. No going outside necessary.
Frozen Dinosaur Excavation
With this activity, freeze little plastic dinosaurs (or another reptilian animal) in balloons and then let your child use eye droppers with warm water to melt the ice around the dinosaur. It will be like they’re hatching an adorable little animal from an egg.
Find the full instructions at Little Bins for Little Hands.
Hidden Colors Fizzy Fun
In this fun science experiment, you put baking soda and vinegar to the test. All you need is food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar – and of course you’ll need something to put the experiment in. Muffin tins work great.
You simply drop food coloring into your containers, cover them with baking soda, and then let your child pour vinegar over it to see what color appears.
Find the full instructions at Busy Toddler.
Shaving Cream Color Mixing
With these fun sensory bags, your child can see first hand how two colors mix to make another color. All you need is Ziploc bags, duct tape, paint, and shaving cream. Put two different colors of paint into separate corners of the bags, add shaving cream, and seal the bag. The tape is to place over the top of the bag after it’s sealed to prevent your child from getting paint everywhere.
Find the full instructions at Best Toys 4 Toddlers.

Squishing a sensory bag
Exploring Ramps
Let your toddler run toy cars down a variety of ramps. Use cardboard or wood planks to create the ramps, and add variety by using different textures on the surfaces of each ramp. You can even put the ramps at different heights to show how that affects the speed of the car.
If you’re looking for more fun things to do with your toddler, check out some of the many options you can find on Pinterest.